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Farm Rich Snacks & Appetizers Review

Farm Rich said, “Hey…you wanna eat some snacks and tell your readers what you thought?”

So, okay. Maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit while at the same time making it sound like Farm Rich is a person who, in my mind anyway, has thick dark hair, a farmer’s tan and dreamy blue eyes.

I said yes – because no one is going to say no to free stuff from Farm Rich. I also said yes because Farm Rich is going to give one of my pretty reader people two coupons for free products like the ones I tried. You’re going to want to win this because the value of each coupon is good for up to $6.99 in free Farm Rich snacks and appetizers, so make sure you read this post completely and then enter below. There will be a quiz.

The Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites hit my oven on exactly the right weekend. My son was coming home from college and since I love him more than butter, I wanted to feed his face some really good stuff.

Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites

That is cheese, my friendo, otherwise known as “awesome sauce.”

The Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites were, in a word, warmcheesypretzelalicious. My college-going son went completely stupid for them. Seriously. Calc II suddenly made no sense to him.

Thanks for that, Farm Rich. I’m sure he’ll do really well without that pesky college degree holding him back.

Farm Rich pretzel bites

Don’t even pretend you don’t want to put them all in your mouth at once and suffer a warm cheese stroke.

The stuffed pretzel bites came out of the oven completely soft and chewy, just like a warm pretzel at the mall. My son said, and I quote, “Please make me more of these tomorrow.”  And I did. Because he is my baby.

And also because the Farm Rich bag was so big, I could have fed an entire circus family – which is exactly like feeding a college freshman.

Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites

If you have a trapeze in your house and/or more than 13 clowns can fit in your car, you’ll have plenty of stuffed pretzel bites for your next big top shindig.

Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites

Get yourself to a store at once and purchase these along with a thank you card. The card is for me. You’re welcome.

Meanwhile I held onto the mini quesadillas until my daughter and her family came for Mexican food. Because I hate it when people say, “They were a hit,” I found a new way to describe how we felt about them.

Not for nothing, I can admit I don’t have a good reason for hating that phrase. It probably has something to do with watching too many unsupervised Partridge Family episodes as a kid. Too big a dose of Reuben Kincaid in my formative years has left me completely unable to tolerate anything that reminds me Danny Bonaduce started out as a human child.

Just like the stuffed pretzel bites, the mini quesadillas were super soft and yummy. I don’t know what magic Farm Rich uses to make sure things you put in the oven come out soft rather than hard. But, so long as there are no voodoo spells  or angry Oompa Loompas involved, I’m down with it.

Farm Rich stuffed quesadilla

I’ve decided eating things stuffed with cheese is my new calling in life. Donuts, Farm Rich???

So how great were the mini quesadillas? Well, my grandmonkey Brady was elected spokes-toddler to tell you what the entire family was thinking…

Thanks for reading the whole post in preparation for a pop quiz. Here it is:

Question: Did Sadie just totally lie to you about a quiz in order to get you to read the whole post? Answer: Look… something shiny!

The rules: If you’re a resident of the US (I’m sorry, entire rest of the world), you’re invited to enter the contest below. A winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. If you do not respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Your mailing address will be made available to Farm Rich and they will deliver two coupons for free products directly to you – I do not have them. GOOD LUCK!
PS: I didn’t get paid to write this review, but I did receive free things stuffed with cheese from Farm Rich. It’s not like I can pay the utility bill with it… yet.

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