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Minnie Mouse Toys!

Minnie Mouse toys have been hot for as long as I can remember, and they remain some of the best-selling, most popular toys each and every year. What’s not to love about Minnie Mouse, after all? She’s been Mickey’s faithful girlfriend since the 1920s, and she never leaves the house without her trademark bow.

Minnie Mouse Toys


Disney’s Sing & Giggle Minnie – Hug Minnie and she’ll sing the Hot Dog song. Hug her again and she’ll giggle!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great For My 2 Year Old, October 12, 2012
By MnToB
My little girl fell in love with Minnie, especially the “Hot Dog” song and she’d want to listen to it over and over. So when I found this doll I knew we had to get it for her 2nd birthday. She LOVES it. And now she can play the hot dog song whenever she wants. I really like this because the sound isn’t too loud like so many kids toys. It sings it in Minnie’s voice and it seems to be made well. I have a very happy girl.

I’m Ready to Read With Minnie: Play-a-Sound – Spend some time reading with your kiddo and letting them press the sounds that go with each page in the story.

5.0 out of 5 stars Cool and Fun., December 19, 2013
My daughter is 18 months old now, and she started enjoying these books at 12 months. It’s great for parent/child interaction and bonding. I like to read each page with her first, before playing the sound, which seems to keep her interested in the story.

It also helps that she’s very familiar with the characters and their voices.

Just wish they had more characters. She has Dora, Mickey, Elmo and this Minnie. Loves all of them.


Minnie Mouse Birthday Bowtique – It’s time for a birthday party. Dress Minnie for the party any way you want with fun and easy Snap-on clothing. Of course Minnie can’t show up at the party without balloons, a party hat, cake and a gift. Everything you need for a birthday party. Includes so many outfit choices – 17 play pieces in all: Dress-up Minnie figure, 5 special birthday dresses, 4 bows, 3 pairs of party shoes, purse, balloons, cake and a present.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a must for a 2 year old girl!, April 17, 2013
We received this for Christmas, and my daughter loves the set. There are several add ons you can purchase and mix and match the outfits. It’s been a regular gift for other little girls in our family, as we know its well-loved, travels well, and has no teeny tiny parts to lose. Really great set. Recommended!

Minnie Mouse Matching Game – Minnie Bow-tique Matching game is the classic game of picture matching. Now features Minnie Mouse and her fun-loving bow-tique pals. Flip over brightly colored tiles to get a peek at Minnie, Daisy, Penelope, and the whole gang. Collect the most pairs, to tie up and win this game.

5.0 out of 5 stars Minnie Matching, May 23, 2013
This has a good set of matching pieces. My 2 1/2 year old niece knows each character and object on the cards. That helps her remember who and where the card is. She often plays with this game. She’s still at that age though where she gets distracted easily. This game has helped her a little to teach her to keep her attention to the task at hand.

Minnie Mouse Vacuum – Minnie’s Twinkle Bows Vacuum makes cleaning up not only fun, but fabulous! A lovely twinkling bow will light the way as you clean, while the pearly beads in the see- through vacuum canister swirl & whirl around as you go! Looks and sounds just like the real thing!

5.0 out of 5 stars Totally cute!, October 27, 2013
I ordered this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She loves anything Minnie. She has had so much fun playing with this. I know some people have said that this doesn’t work, but there is a switch on the very bottom of the vacuum. Flip it to the “on” position, and it works in full mode. It lights up, the little white balls swirl around, and it makes the “noise” of a vacuum. Very worth the money!


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Walmart Deals – a Few Deals to Grab Early for Christmas

I hate shopping. I’m all about doing as much of it as I can online. Today’s Walmart deals are some great ones I can grab online, and when I use Ebates as my launching point, I can save even more! (Right now it’s at 2% – but every penny counts, right?)

The things I’ve found for today’s Walmart deals are things you could hold on to for Christmas and use as stocking stuffers.

Walmart Deals

Pop! Fortune Lip Gloss Set, 7 pc – Was $4.88 – Today $2.50

Lotta Luv Beauty Lip Pop Pals Beauty Set  (Lots of variations) – Was $9.88 – Today $2.50

The Color Workshop Stamp of Approval, Nail Art Set – Was $9.88 – Today $5.00

Barbie Hair Chalk Doll – Was $21.97 – Today $15.03

Avengers Kids’ Digital Camcorder – Special Buy $7.99

Happy Shopping!


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Telecommute Jobs

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Social Media/SEO Assistant (Boca Raton)

A growing internet marketing company in Boca Raton, FL is looking to hire someone with an interest in social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media Marketing Manager – Content & Communication Specialist (Telecommute)

NextBee ( is seeking a skilled demand generator who is a great community communicator to join as social media marketing manager. The role responsibilities include building relationships and publishing fresh, catchy, and compelling content nuggets to generate inbound traffic and support sales process. 

Content Specialist: Websites, Social & SEO Job Description (Telecommute)

LocalDirective is a digital marketing agency that creates powerful online presences for our clients. We specialize in developing or revitalizing high-converting websites, search engine and other forms of online marketing, search engine optimization, and we also provide email marketing and social media marketing. 

FyndIt Community Manager (Telecommute)

At FyndIt, we’re making it easier for folks to track down items they want by enlisting the help of others. Our platform brings together a community of people who want stuff with those that know where to find it. Instead of depending on stores or sites with a limited selection, FyndIt gets you better, faster results by enlisting the help of others and rewarding them for their knowledge and efforts. 


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Learn to Use Google Plus – Overlay Text on Images

Super cool thing I learned about how to use Google + today – you can overlay text on images and it’s super easy. Like seriously easy.

You know what a meme is, no doubt. But, did you know you could create memes on Google+ to share there, and also download them to use on other platforms?

Learn to use Google+ this year! (Finally.)

As I learn to use G+, I’m realizing how very photo friendly it is. Similar to Pinterest, Google + appears to get that we are evolving into a very visual world.  We dig great images.

To create a meme in G+, (or just trick out a photo for any reason you like), you can upload an image from your computer or one you already have in Google+, click the little “t” button to add text, and blammo! Ridiculous cat meme!

Learn to Use Google Plus – Overlay Text on Images

Learn how to overlay text on a photo on Google Plus.

Learn how to overlay an image with text on Google +. It's super easy.


Learn to add text to images in Google +. It's so easy and you can download and use them anywhere.

Okay then. Get cracking, my friendo. Once you’ve overlaid some text on a photo, make sure you share it with me in the new “Blogging for Groceries” community on Google Plus! My goal this year is to help my readers make money with their blogs as I do with mine. If you’d like to learn (or share what you know), I’d love to meet you. Please join me.

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Learn to make enough money blogging to (at least) pay for your groceries. You can do this!

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How YOU Can Make Money on Craigslist

Everyone knows what Craigslist is and that you can make money by selling your things on Craigslist. But, did you know you may be able to create your own work-from-home business using Craigslist?

Unfortunately we are in tough times in this economy. That means there are lots of things that pop up for sale on Craigslist every day that are absolute steals because someone needs to make a fast sale and is happy to part with what they have for a lot less than they otherwise might. I would never want to take any joy in someone else’s sorrow. But, if a person really needs money and you can give it to them in exchange for things they don’t need, that can be a good thing for both of you.

You can make money by buying what they are selling and then re-sell it for a profit.

Learn how to make money on Craigslist!

1. Search for items for sale on Craigslist that are being sold for much less than what you know they’re worth, then turn around and sell them later for a profit. Depending upon the item, you can sell it on eBay, on a website you build yourself, or you can even sell it on Craigslist again.

2. Pick up free furniture that you can restore and sell for a profit.


3. Buy unused or partially used gift cards and resell on sites like Cardpool, where you can get up to 92% of their value. Of course, make sure you check the actual balance of the cards you’re buying online, and be careful to pay a price that will guarantee a profit when you resell. If a seller won’t allow you to verify how much is left on the gift card – walk away.

An example of someone buying gift cards on Craigslist.

By creating a small business out of buying low and selling high (the same way retail works), you’re doing your part to stimulate the economy, you’re helping people who need to money immediately, (and maybe keeping them away from those God-forsaken check-cashing services) and you’re providing for your family at the same time.

Some Examples:

Use specific search terms inside quotes to help you find great deals on Craigslist.


If this SeaDoo cover I found on Craigslist is in fact in like new condition, a quick internet search reveals I may be able to sell it for up to $150 online. There are lots of factors to consider, and I’d certainly ask for lots of photos and more information, but it’s worth looking into – especially since he’s said “MUST SELL!!!” and that he’s open to all offers.  That tells me I may be able to get an even better bargain.


Where to check the value of items…

eBay – sold listings

Amazon – look for the used prices right next to new prices for any item.

Where to sell used items:




Gazelle – They buy select cell phones and Apple products.

Phone for Cash – They buy cell phones.

Buy My Tronics – They buy used electronics.


Craigslist updates every 10 minutes. You REALLY have to keep your eye on the ball to grab a great deal before someone else nabs it.

When you see something you’re interested in, ACT FAST!

  • Stay away from “By Dealer” ads. You aren’t going to get the best price there.
  • Watch out for really poor English and grammar. Could be a sign of a scammer.
  • Never send money – always see (and test) the merchandise before you buy.
  • Never go alone to meet a Seller. Always take someone with you.


A Personal Note

You may feel like buying from folks in distress is somehow unsavory.

Yes… they could try to sell their TV or ring or furniture at a fair-value price. The truth is though, if they need the money desperately, they don’t have the luxury of waiting for it to sell. Pricing it low will make sure they get the money they need in a pinch, and you can be the person who helps them out of a tough spot.


Personal Stories of Making Money on Craigslist

Ryan Finley made enough on Craigslist to pay his bills, take care of his family, and take them to Hawaii.

This man earns his entire living on Craigslist and is kind enough to answer questions.

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Advertise Your Etsy Shop Like a Pro, Yo!

If you’ve ever pulled your hair out wondering, “How do I promote my Etsy shop?” I’m about to rock your world. (I’m sorry. Decent people don’t say that any more.) You see, in addition to the joy that is curating the web for Momcaster, I am paid real American dollars by real humans to help them promote, market and advertise their small businesses.

I’ve seen lots of ideas online lately about advertising an Etsy shop, and just like the media coverage of  Nadya Sulemon, it’s about to cause me to have a stroke.

They include such things as leaving your business card everywhere, printing and posting flyers, and other tips that are… hold onto your hat… just about as useless and old-fashioned as my teenage son thinks I am.

See? Photographic proof.

If those kinds of promotional marketing ideas have worked for your Etsy shop, I’ll be surprised. In fact, I’ll go you one better. If anyone has ever become your customer and told you they found you via a business card left in a bathroom, I will buy you lunch.

Of course, you’re going to have to come to where I am and I get to pick the place.

Here’s the thing: Because I LOVE YOU ETSY SELLERS SO DANG MUCH, I’m going to share my Top 8 Marketing & Advertising Tips to Grow Your Etsy Business Like a Fast Growing Weed of Some Sort. 

Why 8?

Because. That’s why.

1. Please feed the Google spiders. Humans who know way more than I do have determined people who find products for sale via search are more likely to buy. That’s because they are sitting down at their computer and thoughtfully choosing words to search for something they want. That implies INTENTION, right?

Well, Sugar Cube, if they are looking for a hemp bracelet, for example, they are going to look at the hemp bracelets that return on the FIRST PAGE of Google. In fact, they’re probably going to only look at the top 1-4 results. If you’re not there, you’re square.

Google spiders are hungry little things that crawl the internet looking for keywords, and they especially like good ones for those coveted Page One positions.

When you’re tagging your Etsy item with keywords, it’s not enough to only think of terms people may use to search for you. Learn to use the Google Keyword Tool and make it a habit to use it before you list any item. If you need a great tutorial to help teach you how, you can find tons by doing a quick search. (On Google – not in your closet or under your bed.)

Will it take more time to do keyword research before listing your items for sale? It will. Just think of it as Etsy foreplay… you can skip it, but the end result won’t be nearly as satisfying.

How to promote etsy shop

2. Not all that twitters is gold. I know you want to believe that the pretty Twitter lady with 25,000 followers is going to mention your product and you will sell so many, you can’t even fill all the orders without hiring tiny pygmies from New Guinea to help you.

That might happen. But honey, the truth is it’s more likely not going to happen.

Not all Twitter superstars are what they seem, and it can be difficult to know the difference. Did you know that many, many, many Twitter accounts with thousands of followers have actually purchased their users? It’s true.

Did you know that those numbers may be overflowing with spam accounts that aren’t even real people?

Before you pay someone (or offer a gift of your products) to promote your Etsy store on Twitter, be sure they have a website or blog where they’ll promote it as well. A tweet is not enough. I myself have more than 3,000 Twitter followers and I can make you this promise – not one of them is going to buy a mother-trucking thing because I say I like it.  I blame Rush Limbaugh.

Follow me and I promise you’ll never be influenced in any way – about anything.

3. A Facebook page is like an ex-husband – everyone should have one. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your Etsy business, stick out your wrist so I can slap it. Now – go make one.

If you DO have a Facebook page to promote your Etsy shop, I’m very proud of you. I will make a notation on your permanent record.

4. Don’t be the obnoxious girl at the party. Social media is called SOCIAL for a reason. If you only post, “look at what I have for sale” updates, no one is going to stick around to hold your hair when you throw up.

Talk about something other than Etsy. (Tip: Facebook users really dig those image quotes that are so popular – and they especially seem to enjoy them first thing in the morning. For reals.)

How to promote your etsy shop with Facebook and images
See? Facebook people dig this kind of thing. It defies explanation.

5. You’ll catch more flies with honey. Your Etsy honey is the product you have for sale. If you make the most beautiful Swarovski potholders in all of America and parts of Canada, then you should really – really – REALLY give some away once in awhile.

Before you jump off a bridge because another marketing brainiac just told you to give stuff away, come down off the ledge, listen to Sadie the Wonder Marketer and for godsake, go wash your hands. Flies are filthy creatures.

First, don’t give your store away to every Tom, Dick & Blogger who asks. I’ve read about Etsy sellers coming up with all sorts of arbitrary rules as to who gets what and when, and that’s cool. They’re your potholders, after all.

But in my opinion, at the top of your short list you’re looking for great writing, lots and lots of page views, and someone with a well-followed set of Pinterest boards where they will surely pin your product photo.

Second, trust your gut. You know better than to give free stuff to bloggers who do nothing but write about giveaways. I know you do. You know better than to send your Etsy goodies to bloggers who spell “crazy” with a K and a silent E. I trust you on this.

Ways to advertise your etsy shop


6. And speaking of drinking the Pinterest Kool-aid. The internet she is a changing, my precious Etsy seller. When you come across a Pinterest user who has boards that align with the kinds of products you sell, you’d be wise to tell her she’s pretty and skinny and anything else you can think of to get her to pin your stuff.

If she has a blog, and she features your work, you should pin your item directly from her blog and call everyone you know to do the same – including your 17th cousin twice-removed with the weird eye and the arm that was somehow sewn on completely backwards.

Pinterest isn’t a fan of self-promotion and we all get it. But clicking “PIN” on an image of your work on someone else’s blog is the same as  seeing your potholder store featured in the newspaper back in 1957, going out and buy 23 copies and giving one to everybody you know.

No – I can’t let go of this whole potholder theme. You’ve come this far, so now we’re in it together. Potholder, potholder, potholder.

7. See Jane comment cleverly. Comment on the blogs where you hope and pray to the Craft Gods your Etsy items will be featured someday. Don’t say things like, ‘Nice blog! Come look at my Etsy shop!”

Say things that are insightful and clever and complimentary and relative. And for the love of Mike the traveling potholder fabric salesman, make sure you leave a link to your shop if it’s allowed.

The blogger may check out your shop, fall in love with your products and write about you. Her readers may do the same thing.

It’s madness, I tell you! Marketing madness!

Why Jane couldn’t have more comfortable shoes for running, I don’t know. I suspect Dick and some sort of foul play.

8. A closed mouth is never fed. (Which, coincidentally is a concept I can’t get my mind around – thus the slow weight loss.) ASK for help in promoting your Etsy shop. Ask friends, family, and bloggers you like.

The worst they can say is, “No! You are a stupid head, I hate your guts for asking, and I’m going to pay a fat man a large sum of money to smack you in the face.”

If you can risk hearing that, you can do anything. Should you offer them a gift for their help?

Well… that’s up to you. Just know there is an old Southern saying that may prove true in this case. “If you  don’t want to be smacked in the face by a fat man, be kinder than necessary.”

In closing, don’t waste your time shoving business cards in magazines at the doctor’s office and if you put up a flyer in a convenience store or library, I’m dispatching Big Ralph to your location at once.

You Etsy sellers are amazing talents that absolutely fascinate and delight me. I want you to do well. Trust your gut and listen to Sadie and maybe someday I’ll see your face on the cover of Potholder Millionaire.

Big love,


PS: If you appreciated this post, please share it like you’ve never shared before. See what I did there? 🙂