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3 Cleaning Products You MUST Try

Cleaning products are to me what shoes & handbags are to normal women. I wish I were kidding. I get so excited by great cleaning products, you might say it’s unnatural – like kissing your cousin or putting pickles on your peanut butter sandwich.

When I find new products to try and then discover I love them, it’s like discovering treasure. If you saw my cabinets & cupboards, you’d either be jealous of my cleaning collection, or you’d step away from me very slowly and without making direct eye contact.

Even if you’re not a cleaning freakazoid like I am, you can benefit from my addiction. I’m happy to tell you what I dig and (if you want) what is stupid and dumb and should never be purchased by any human ever.

Momcaster's Picks for Cleaning Product Awesomeness!

Here are 3 cleaning products you ought to have in your kitchen right now. Today. This minute. Purchase them at your local retailer and while you’re there, also purchase a lovely thank you note because you’re gonna want to write me one.

3 Cleaning Products I LOVE

I use Lemi Shine faithfully. Seriously. Every single day. Before I started using it, everything in my dishwasher came out weird and cloudy and sort of looked like my cat licked them.


cat dishwasher

If you’re having the same kind of issues with your dishes, grab this coupon and try Lemi Shine. You’re gonna love it awful. Fact. ūüôā


50¬Ę off of any one (1) Lemi Shine Branded Product

Darlings, Simple Green is one of those products that you just can’t run out of. I’ve been a loyal Simple Green fan since forever, and it’s good stuff. Whether I need to clean up a crime scene or a big stain on my counter top, I have no doubt this green bottle of cleaning goodness has my back.

Even my college kiddo, Mr. Smarty Pants College of Engineering student, keeps Simple Green in his apartment and the trunk of his car. He knows Mama is always right about cleaning products. (and everything else forever & ever in perpetuity)

$1.00 off any one (1) Simple Green Lemon Scent All-Purpose Cleaner

I am a frugal cookie. Totally. So you should know that not only do I NOT buy Tide, I also sometimes make my own laundry soap. (gasp). But, just because I refuse to pay big bucks for laundry detergent doesn’t mean I will settle for anything less than beautifully cleaned laundry.

Enter “All.” I’ve been using ALL laundry detergent for a ziggity-zillion years and it’s never let me know. Not once. In fact, I’ll put my ALL up against your TIDE any day of the week.

Any day except Saturday, that is. I don’t do laundry soap battles with strangers on Saturday. I’m firm on that point.

Save $5.00 when you spend $15.00 on any all¬ģ Laundry Detergent..Expires 3/5/2014.Save $5.00.


What are the cleaning products you love? I’d be tickled silly for your recommendations – you know, for feeding my cleaning addiction, and all that.

(This post contains affiliate links. WTH does that mean? Click here.)

PS: Here are some more Coupons. Snap ’em up!

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How to Get the Best Christmas Deals Online {15 websites I use every year.}

There are certainly women (and men) who are way better at sniffing out the best Christmas deals online each year than I am. But, I’m not gonna kid you. I snag some sweet deals every single Christmas shopping season.

I love Christmas so, so much. But, I’m not a girl who really likes to go into stores and malls shopping for Christmas. Not only do the crowds kind of freak me out, but I can’t seem to get the best Christmas deals in stores as compared to online. I think it’s because online, I can be a lot more thoughtful about what I spend and whether it’s the best value I can find.

Today, I’m sharing 15 of the best (in my opinion) websites to get crazy sweet Christmas shopping deals. If you have favorites I haven’t listed, please share! I’m always looking for more ways to save money!

PS: Read my (unique & honest) affiliate policy here.

Best Christmas Deals Online

1. First of all, I use Ebates as my jumping off point for all my Christmas shopping online. When you click on a store via eBates and you then buy from that store, you get back a certain percentage of what y0u spend – depending upon the offer. Ebates is completely legitimate and used by thousands and thousands of people. During last year’s Christmas season, I got over $60 in cash back. THAT is on top of all the money I saved using the links I’m going to share with you below.

(You can also refer friends to Ebates and you’ll get $10 for each person who signs up and begins using the site. If you sign up via my link, I’ll receive that same deal… and I will definitely appreciate your kindness.)

2. Fat Wallet¬†– Super similar to Ebates in the way it works, I haven’t used Fat Wallet as much as Ebates, but I know a lot of people who do and I always check to see how it compares to my Ebates money back deals.

3. Slickdeals¬†– I used this website during my Christmas shopping last year and it probably saved me hundreds of dollars. Last Christmas, my most awesome buy was a pair of boots that were crazy discounted! Not only do I check the front page deals, and the popular deals, I’m addicted to their forums. I try to keep a close eye and check every day (or more often) so I don’t miss anything good.

4. Woot – They offer featured deals of the day. From t-shirts to baby stuff to wine and tech – there are all sorts of deals that pop up here. I bought my grandmonkey a pair of Scooby-Doo slippers last year that were super inexpensive.

5. Walmart – You don’t have to walk all over the mass retailer to find a stellar deal. Keep watch on the Walmart Value of the Day and be sure to grab it when you see something you want because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

6. Amazon – I feel like this goes without saying. But, Amazon is hard to beat. They’re fast, reliable, usually have great prices, and I’ve never had an issue with returns. I always keep an eye on the “Today’s Deals” tab and the “Gold Box” during the Christmas shopping season.

7. Hobby Lobby – You can almost always get a 40% off coupon for regular priced items. You can only use it on one item per coupon, but it’s still one heck of a deal. Remember that in addition to craft supplies, Hobby Lobby also has holiday decor, furniture, and other goodies.

8. Kohl’s Goldstar Clearance – I bought so much stuff from Kohl’s last year for Christmas, it’s nuts. I couldn’t help it! The deals were SO great. In addition to Kohl’s Cash (which I love), I bought a lot of things via their Goldstar Clearance.

9. Money Talk News РThere are coupons for small things, the occasional freebies, etc. But, I use it to help me shop for Christmas gifts because you can often get the scoop on some great finds.

10. Talkwalker – Last year I used Google Alerts to be notified when something I was shopping for went on sale. I’ve found they are really dropping the ball with their alerts though, so this year it’s all about Talkwalker for me. It’s free to set up alerts on any subject, but they can be super awesome for Christmas shopping. HINT: use very specific search terms and quotes to get really good results… like “PS4 Sale.”

11. BFads – Although I cannot fathom a circumstance that would cause me to go inside a store on Black Friday, will let me keep current on all those ONLINE Black Friday dealios.

12. RetailMeNot – I’ve even taught my college kiddo to check this site before he buys anything online. Shipping charges are usually pretty easy to find coupon codes for – so I rarely pay shipping charges during my Christmas shopping.

13. Coupon Cabin – If I can’t find a coupon code on #12, I go here next.

14. – This website makes me salivate. I can almost always find a crazy good deal here on all sorts of things, but jewelry discounts have been my favorite. Always stellar customer service.

15. – Believe it or not, I can rock some great Christmas deals here! Trust me. Especially since is a part of the site, you can really nab some great prices, cash back, and sales.

What are YOUR favorite shopping sites for holiday buys???

15 websites to get great Christmas deals!


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Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Maximum Scary Sauce

It’s that time again! Time for women across the United States to dress up like slutty nurses, witches, janitors, beekeepers, and everything in between. (Why ladies? Just why?) It’s nearing Halloween and that means all good Americans must search out the scariest outdoor Halloween decorations in order to make their yards look like a serial killer is inside waiting to hand out intestines instead of candy.¬†

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Farm Rich Snacks & Appetizers Review

Farm Rich said, “Hey…you wanna eat some snacks and tell your readers what you thought?”

So, okay. Maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit while at the same time making it sound like Farm Rich is a person who, in my mind anyway, has thick dark hair, a farmer’s tan and dreamy blue eyes.

I said yes – because no one is going to say no to free stuff from Farm Rich. I also said yes because Farm Rich is going to give one of my pretty reader people two coupons for free products like the ones I tried. You’re going to want to win this because the value of each coupon is good for up to $6.99 in free Farm Rich snacks and appetizers, so make sure you read this post completely and then enter below. There will be a quiz.

The Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites hit my oven on exactly the right weekend. My son was coming home from college and since I love him more than butter, I wanted to feed his face some really good stuff.

Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites
That is cheese, my friendo, otherwise known as “awesome sauce.”

The Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites were, in a word, warmcheesypretzelalicious. My college-going son went completely stupid for them. Seriously. Calc II suddenly made no sense to him.

Thanks for that, Farm Rich. I’m sure he’ll do really well without that pesky college degree holding him back.

Farm Rich pretzel bites
Don’t even pretend you don’t want to put them all in your mouth at once and suffer a warm cheese stroke.

The stuffed pretzel bites came out of the oven completely soft and chewy, just like a warm pretzel at the mall. My son said, and I quote, “Please make me more of these tomorrow.” ¬†And I did. Because he is my baby.

And also because the Farm Rich bag was so big, I could have fed an entire circus family – which is exactly like feeding a college freshman.

Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites
If you have a trapeze in your house and/or more than 13 clowns can fit in your car, you’ll have plenty of stuffed pretzel bites for your next big top shindig.
Farm Rich stuffed pretzel bites
Get yourself to a store at once and purchase these along with a thank you card. The card is for me. You’re welcome.

Meanwhile I held onto the mini quesadillas¬†until my daughter and her family came for Mexican food. Because I hate it when people say, “They were a hit,” I found a new way to describe how we felt about them.

Not for nothing, I can admit I don’t have a good reason for hating that phrase. It probably has something to do with watching too many unsupervised Partridge Family episodes as a kid. Too big a dose of Reuben Kincaid in my formative years has left me completely unable to tolerate anything that reminds me Danny Bonaduce started out as a human child.

Just like the stuffed pretzel bites, the mini quesadillas¬†were super soft and yummy. I don’t know what magic Farm Rich uses to make sure things you put in the oven come out soft rather than hard. But, so long as there are no voodoo spells ¬†or angry Oompa Loompas involved, I’m down with it.

Farm Rich stuffed quesadilla
I’ve decided eating things stuffed with cheese is my new calling in life. Donuts, Farm Rich???

So how great were the mini quesadillas? Well, my grandmonkey Brady was elected spokes-toddler to tell you what the entire family was thinking…

Farm Rich stuffed quesadillas
“I yike it!”

Thanks for reading the whole post in preparation for a pop quiz. Here it is:

Question: Did Sadie just totally lie to you about a quiz in order to get you to read the whole post? Answer: Look… something shiny!

The rules: If you’re a resident of the US (I’m sorry, entire rest of the world), you’re invited to enter the contest below. A winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. If you do not respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Your mailing address will be made available to Farm Rich and they will deliver two coupons for free products directly to you – I do not have them. GOOD LUCK!
PS: I didn’t get paid to write this review, but I did receive free things stuffed with cheese from Farm Rich. It’s not like I can pay the utility bill with it… yet.

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Make Your Own Chocolate Kit? Ummm, YES!

Want to make your own chocolate? I can show you how!

Unless your Mom named you Dooce or The Bloggess, there are very few perks to being a blogger. No one has ever given me a good table at a restaurant because I have a blog and my dry cleaning has never been “on the house.”

Maybe that’s because I haven’t had anything dry cleaned since…ever. I’m not sure I even understand what dry cleaning is. ¬†I’m was born a Southern Baptist. We know for sure things aren’t clean unless they’re soaking wet.

One little blogging perk that came my way recently was via Verve. They are the makers of Glee Gum and Make Your Own Candy Kits. They asked, “Would you like a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit?” and I replied, “WHY ISN’T IT IN THE MAIL YET????”

Seriously? Do people actually say NO when they are offered chocolate? If so, I would recommend a congressional panel to investigate their ties to organized crime, communism, and perhaps unicorn larceny.

So this arrived in the mail and because that’s what bloggers do now, I took a photo of it. And yes… that is a real wood grain laminate table top. Don’t even act like you aren’t jealous. (And by the way, at the bottom of this post you can enter to win your own candy kit – because I firmly believe chocolate is the road to greatness. )

make your own chocolate kit


It so happened my friend’s teenager was in my house when the box came, so I demanded she make the chocolate while I pretended to be a highly sought after food blogger and take photos.

The box was filled with all sorts of cool chocolate making goodness – like sugar and real cocoa butter. The wonderful smell generated when heating up the cocoa butter was enough to make your ears sweat.

It was like walking into a chocolate shop, but without the shame of pretending the six dozen pounds of fudge I just ordered was for my pretend daughter’s pretend soccer awards ceremony – even though we all knew I was going to eat it all by myself in the car and cry.

chocolate making kit
Okay. So we are discovering right away I have virtually no mad food photography skills. It’s only going to get worse, so deal with it now and we can move on.

The directions in the kit were easy to follow, and I could see how homeschool moms and scout leaders and teachers would really appreciate how it’s all laid out. There was info about the history of chocolate and certainly the process of making it could be a really great teaching opportunity for the kiddos.

But let’s face it. All I wanted to learn was how fast this random teenager could turn chocolate ingredients into chocolate I could put in my mouth.

make your own chocolate candy kit
Random teenager trying to read whilst a random blogger yelled at her to HURRY AND TURN THIS STUFF INTO CHOCOLATE CANDY!
Make your own chocolate kit
I wanted to stop right here and just eat it out of the bowl, but random teenager wouldn’t allow it.

There was mixing, and heating in the microwave, and smells, and at one point, there may have been crying.

Okay. The crying may have been me. I have no self control – which is why no brownie mix brought into this house has ever actually made it to the point of growing up to be a brownie.

The kit had everything we needed, including a little stick-on thermometer to determine when everything was at the correct temperature. The only thing not included was vanilla flavoring, but the kit said it was optional.

I had a vanilla impersonator in my cabinet, so we used it. Everyone knows imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Make your own chocolate kit
One day, when I’m all grown up and fully self-actualized, I will own brown liquid that is not simply pretending to be vanilla.

The random teenager had a really great time making her own chocolate and there wasn’t one misstep because the directions were clear and everything was pre-measured and ready to go. The chocolate candy turned out absolutely perfectly and while a real professional food blogger would show you an artsy shot of the finished product, all I have is a photo of the empty paper candy cups I took before the candy was finished.

we made our own chocolate
Candy eventually filled up all these paper things, but there is no photographic evidence to support my claim. You’re gonna have to trust me on this.

In my defense, once the candy was done I was too busy shoving it in my face to be snapping photos. It was DELICIOUS.

I’d like to thank the sweetie-pies at Glee for sending this little piece of awesomeness to me, and big thanks to the random teenager who made it. I’d also like to thank the Academy and my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Bradley. If it hadn’t been for you, I still wouldn’t know that Mr. Y was both a vowel and a consonant. That revelation changed my life.

Glee wants to give YOU one of their Make Your Own Candy Kits Рso enter! You can choose from Make Your Own Chocolate or Make Your Own Gummies Kit or even Make Your Own Gum Kit.  (Open to residents of the US only.)

Super Important Note from Sadie: You want me to review YOUR product. Of course you do, don’t be ridiculous. Email me and tell me all about it, especially if it’s a free car or a house on the beach in Hawaii.

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Game of Thrones is Like King Arthur, But With More Dinklage

When my partner first suggested to me we watch Game of Thrones, I almost slapped him in the kidney. Not because he deserved it, but because I am an obviously angry woman who waits for any excuse to physically humiliate a man.

I sat down to watch it, fully prepared to tell him how much I hated it – while slapping one of his vital internal organs.

I so did not hate it. In fact, I love Game of Thrones so much that waiting for the next episode leaves me to suffer from what I now call “Dinklage¬†Withdrawal” – which sounds unintentionally sexy.

Dinklage Withdrawal refers to Peter Dinklage, the actor who plays Tyrion Lannister. I love him harder than a goat loves a stump. If his character winds up with his head on a stick, (which happens on Game of Thrones about every 7 seconds) you may see me on the news.

I would totally climb to the top of a water tower wearing a clown wig and carrying a high-powered rifle in defense of Tyrion aka Peter aka my future husband.

When a bad man sliced Tyrion’s face with a sword, I very nearly had to be hospitalized.

Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones

Here’s a little known fact about me, in case you’re ever on Jeopardy and I am a category: I love Arthurian Legend. I have since high school.

Game of Thrones is like King Arthur… but with soft porn, lots of imaginative swearing, and the constant, soothing sound of guts being cut out of a human body with a sword.

There are plenty of wonderful characters, but you learn you can never get too attached to any of them. (Except my beloved Tyrion, of course.) Heads roll in this series … literally.

There are also plenty of characters to hate – none more than King Joffrey. He is, to put it as succinctly as I can, an epic twit.

Game of Thrones - King Joffrey

If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, you must.¬†In case I was too subtle in this post, don’t watch with the kids, with a minister of any denomination, or with people who are prone to faint when they see boobies or blood.



I Heart Posies & Petals Handmade Hair Accessories

Posies & Petals


Etsy shop owner Megan Miller of Posies & Petals creates adorable handmade hair accessories, and I do mean adorable. They’re soft and sweet and completely necessary for any little girl. You can buy pretty hair things from Megan for tiny¬†preemies¬†all the way to adult in her Etsy boutique.

Just look at these little girl bows & headbands…

This little pink posy is so precious and it’s only $4.

Pink & white toddler headband
via Posies & Petals

Megan’s¬†cream Hydrangea bloom is available on your choice of¬†alligator clip, snap clip, ponytail holder, headband, or brooch. It just delights me. I think it’s perfect for a wedding. Can’t you see a flower girl in this?

Hydrangea flower headband in ivory
via Posies and Petals

The rosettes on this headband are pictured in yellow and gray (which I love, by the way), but you can choose your color combination.

via Posies & Petals

What I’d love for you to know about Megan is that she’s a super nice lady and you’re going to LOVE doing business with her. I actually won a couple of her headbands recently and showed them off on another blog I own. You can see all the lovely goodies I won by visiting Seek Buy Sell.

Here’s one of the little girl headbands I personally received from Posies & Petals. Don’t ya love it? My granddaughter is going to look so stinking cute in this.

Little girl flower headband in pink
Won from Posies & Petals

If there is a little girl in your life, visit Megan’s Posies & Petals and order some of these soft, sweet, custom hair accessories. You’ll be absolutely delighted with your order. I know it!

Thanks for being a Momcaster Sponsor, Megan!


Lipton Green Tea & Honey Anyone?

Once upon a time, a fancy lady blogger from an enchanted land called Missouri was sent an envelope filled with samples of Lipton Tea & Honey in Mango Pineapple.

That fancy lady blogger was me. I’m positive you did not anticipate such a dramatic plot turn so early in our story.

Klout “The Standard for Influence” (insert snort-laugh here) decided that I, Sher aka “Sadie”, was so incredibly influential on the interwebs that I was qualified to receive a few Lipton Tea & Honey samples.

Let me say this about that. Klout, in my humble opinion, is poop. Over the course of the past year Klout, in its infinite Oracle wisdom, has determined that I am influential about pudding, popcorn, and Medan.

What?¬†Seriously? I influence people on their most important pudding & popcorn decisions? ¬†And not for nothing, I don’t even know what “medan” is. Is it what happens when you mix pudding and popcorn?

Poop or not, because of my unrivaled power of internet influence, once every 14 years Klout gives me free stuff. I do so dig free stuff.

9 out of 10 of my ex-husbands would agree.

To be honest, when I got the free Lipton Tea & Honey samples I just threw them on the counter. I wasn’t too excited. I really have never cared for powdery drink mixes. There is always some kind of weird taste in them that bugs me.

I’m also a good iced tea drinking Southern girl, so coming to me talking ’bout “instant tea & honey” will always be met with, “HEATHEN!”

Lipton tea and honey

Today I finally decided to give this stuff a try. I was going to hate it. I knew this. I stirred a packet of Mango Pineapple iced green tea into a glass of water.

It pretty much dissolved…except for a couple tiny floaty pieces of lone tea goo. Yet another reason to hate it. Stupid instant tea .

Okay, so I have something to admit to you because we’re best pretend friends…


I’m as surprised as you are, even though the truth is you probably saw this coming a mile away. I am totally in mad, crazy green tea love with Lipton right now.

There is no weird aftertaste, it’s only 5 calories for an 8oz glass, and it’s completely sweet and refreshing. It is the best tea I’ve had in forever, and that includes the tea I brew myself.

If you are the kind of person who orders flavored iced teas in restaurants, you’re going to want to at least try Lipton Green Tea & Honey – Mango Pineapple.¬†I wish I could send each and every Momcaster reader a sample. Sadly Lipton has not sent a Green Tea & Honey fairy to make such a thing possible.

I’m officially a fan of the mango-pineapple. Having looked around the Lipton website a little, I see that they have LOTS of flavors. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to try every single one.

Good job, Lipton humans! This middle-aged, Southern, fake-blonde, tea-loving, empty-nester female is in love with you. That’s the demographic you were going for, right?