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{5} Vintage Valentine Images (Free & Darling!)

Y’all, Christmas was just ten minutes ago and now we’re staring down the barrel of crazy Hallmark love and chocolates! I found these vintage images, that while not specifically all about “be my Valentine” and whatnot, are still entirely adorable. I think they’re great for your Valentine creations.

I sort of love them.

These vintage Valentine images have no known copyright restrictions.

Free vintage Valentine images at

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Free vintage images perfect for Valentine's Day via #ValentineDownload this vintage image here.

If you’re kiddos are all about The Nut Job movie, perhaps there’s something you can do with this vintage Valentine image. “I’m a squirrel and NUTS to you!”

Vintage #Nuts Valentine to download. Get the link at #TheNutJob

Download this vintage image here.

The Hearts Desire II was rocking this vintage pin-up girl. Wonder if she brought her flyboys home safe?

Free vintage images perfect for Valentine's Day. Get the links at

Download this vintage image here.

When did we as a country decide that we no longer wanted to smell like a cashmere bouquet? Was it when we realized this kind of soap made us all smell like we’d just come out of an old lady’s closet?

Free vintage images you can use for Valentine's Day at

Download this image here.

This sweet vintage Valentine images makes me want to slap a bow & arrow in my daughter’s hands and make her sit on a pedestal. She’s twenty-nine, but she’s short. I think I can overpower her.

Free #Vintage #Valentine images at

Download this image here.

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By Sherri Bailey

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