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How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers the Easy Way

During my first pregnancy, I learned a lot of creative stuff from an acquaintance at the prenatal school. Though most of the things I made then were misplaced when our house went through a major renovation, I chanced upon a bunch of pipe cleaners lying in the corner of my store-room and decided to show you this simple method for making pretty flowers out of them.

Step-by-Step DIY Instructions

What you’ll need

  • Different colored pipe cleaners for the flower petals (number depending on how many of them you are making)
  • Green pipe cleaners (for the stem)
  • Small pompoms for the centre (color of your choice)
  • Glue stick


  1. Take one of the colored pipe cleaners
  2. Join the ends by twisting them together
  3. Fold them in the middle and twist again to form two even loops
  4. Arrange all the loops in the shape of a flower, one on top of the other (You would be able to make two loops per pipe cleaner)
  5. Hold them together with your finger
  6. Wrap the green pipe cleaner around the centre and back of the loops
  7. Wind it well at the back to secure the loops
  8. For the leaf (which I missed) make a loop with the middle part of the green pipe cleaner and twist it properly.
  9. Spread the petals of your pipe cleaner flower and glue a pompom in the middle (You may substitute the pompom with beads or a big showy button)
Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

You can make a bouquet comprising of different colored pipe cleaner flowers arranged in a mason jar or flower pot. It makes a nice little gift idea, say, for Mothers’ Day.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers Bouquet

Pipe Cleaner Flowers Bouquet

I loved a pipe cleaner flower ring I saw someone wearing at the Thanksgiving party last year and now planning to make one for my kid with this DIY. Here, each of the petals is formed by twisting and rolling a straight pipe cleaner.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Ring

Pipe Cleaner Flower Ring

Apart from the bouquet, and rings, there are a host of other ideas that you can implement. Make multiple small flowers and arrange them on your headband to give the impression of a flower crown or create beautiful leis for a theme party. Let the blossoms of your imagination bloom.

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