Win a Gift Card!

YOU can win a gift card, and here’s why:  there is a new blog in the Momcaster family of blogs, and I am the internet slumlord who owns her. Yes. Her. Because boy blogs pee everywhere and always have dirt under their fingernails. 

Win a Purse!

Oh kids, what a hot contest I have for you today! Not only can you win a purse, you can win a Stella & Dot purse! From the super popular Love & Marriage Blog and Momcaster, take a minute and get yourself entered to win this super gorgeous purse from the new Stella & Dot Debut […]

Giveaway! Make Your Party POP!

I’m a terrible party-thrower. I can admit that to you because we’re pretend friends. It’s not that I’m not good at party food. Don’t kid yourself. I’m GREAT at party food. I can open a bag of chips and a can of Sterno better than anyone you’ve ever met. It occurs to me as I write […]

Etsy Goodies For The Gettin’!

I do so love to give people stuff. I think if I were wealthy, I’d probably be a crazy old lady standing around outside Walmart giving away free washing machines and lollipops! Today I’m giving away some things from Etsy! Yay! Before I tell you what’s up for grabs, would you do me a favor? […]