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Lowlights & Highlights

Lowlights and highlights are a way to have your hair colored that makes it look “alive”, in my opinion. Instead of one flat color, you have different tones and shades that go together beautifully. Because it’s what I do, I’ve scoured the internet in search of the very best photos and examples of lowlights and highlights and I’m sharing with you!

If you love these, you should show these images to your hair goddess and tell her to make it happen!

This is an older photo of Miley Cyrus… before she started crawling up on poles and smoking Brussels sprouts. I like her hair color here. Very nice, Smiley. Now put your clothes back on and apologize to your Mother.

Low lights and high lights miley cyrus

via Bella Sugar

Eva Mendes has the best hair, doesn’t she? I’m convinced if my hair color was exactly like hers, she and I would be twins. Naturally.

eva mendes lowlights highlights

Eva Mendes

This next photo features seriously pretty hair color, does it not? I’d love to credit the source, but between you and me, I found it on a big old spammy site and I’m so not sending you there.

Meanwhile, why don’t my lips look like this? Makes me want to smooch a bee.

highlights lowlights photo

via Big Ass Spammy Site

Jennifer Aniston was sent from a far away planet to Earth to represent for our culture what perfect hair looks like. I wonder if she ever wakes up in the morning and screams at the cats, “I swear on all that is HOLY, I am going to shave my head and start from scratch!”  I think she has the ideal mix of highlights and lowlights because it just looks so incredibly natural.

PS: I’m still mad at Angelina Jolie-Pitt and if I ever see her in Target, I’m going to give her such a look!

jennifer aniston lowlights and highlights

via Another Big Ass Spammy Site That Made My Spyware Freak Out

Us Magazine says this photo of Jessica Simpson’s hair is actually a wig. I’m okay with that because I love the multi-layered colors and I think she actually looks adorkable with short hair.

Meanwhile I’m sure Ms. Simpson will be relieved to know I approve. The Momcaster stamp of approval is highly sought after in the celebrity community.

jessican simpson highlights lowlights

via Us Magazine

Valerie Bertinelli is precious, isn’t she? How could Eddie Van Halen have been such a dweeb to her? This is a great example of lowlights and highlights that can cover up some gray that might be making an appearance as we get older.

In other news, I’m sorry I used the word dweeb.

valerie bertinelli hair highlights lowlights

Why are so many hair photo websites so mother-trucking spammy?

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