Red Furniture – Because All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

I am moving in August. I love red. These two facts about Sadie the blogger become highly valuable information when NASA scientists begin trying to determine why I want to purchase red furniture at my earliest possible convenience.

Today, while the temperature outside is a lovely 172 Fahrenheit, I am sitting in a non-red chair and searching these interwebs for spicy hot things to put in the new place. Join me, won’t you?

This red chair with an ottoman (from Amazon) is plain and simple, just like me. (That’s a lie and I’m sorry. I haven’t been plain & simple since I was 8 minutes old.) Anywho, I like it because it’s inexpensive and it looks like I might sit in it and read a Hemingway novel.

I wouldn’t actually do that, but I like that people would see this chair and believe I would.

Red Chair
via Amazon AKA the place that I like giving money to.


This red and cream chair delights me. I like anything with the word “cream” in it. In other news, I also like anything with the word “perfunctory” in it.

Red and cream chair
via Nebraska Furniture Mart


This is called a Hidden Treasures Storage Ottoman. I love it because it’s red and I love it because of the cool shape and detail. But if I’m being honest, I love it because I can store all my treasures in it and they will be, by definition, hidden.

If you come to my house, this is where my gold, jewels, crowns and rubles will be. Please be kind enough to pretend you don’t know.

Red furniture - red storage ottoman
via Nebraska Furniture Mart

I want this red kitchen cart from because it makes me believe I will bake apple pies for John Boy and Half Pint.

Red kitchen cart
via Kitchen Carts


I deeply, deeply desire these red leather bar stools from Home Element. If I had them, I would sit in them and drink martinis and feel exceptionally fancy.

Red leather bar stool
via Home Element

This red leather sectional sofa is so delicious, I want to sprinkle it with cinnamon and eat it. I need this.

Are you listening to me, Oh Great Keeper of Red Leather Sectional Sofas?

Red leather sectional sofa
via Amazon

So do ya love it? Are you a red furniture fan? Can we be best red furniture friends forever? 🙂 Come hang out with me on Facebook and we can talk about it.

By Sherri Bailey

Funny woman, author & comedy writer Sher Bailey writes about marriage, divorce, menopause, craft-envy, crap-soaked cats, and everything in between. And there is always plenty of in between.