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Super Sexy Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights saved my life. Okay – I’ll admit that’s completely dramatic. But, c’mon. Without blonde highlights I would have flat brown hair and I would look at least 95 years old. I wouldn’t have had nearly as many husbands either! ­čÖé

I’m always looking for inspiration, and Google is happy to provide me with lots of examples of super pretty blonde highlights.

 7 Super Sexy Blonde Highlights

I love┬áKristin┬áCavallari’s blonde highlights in this photo. Very heavy blonde, with lots of warm shades.

blonde highlights

via Hair Cut Hair Styles

How does Jennifer Anniston’s hair always look so perfect? I’m guessing either magical hair fairies or an endless wad of cash to hire the best people to make it happen. I am in love with these blonde highlights…even if a magic hair fairy did them while she slept.

blonde highlights

via Type F

If I get caramel highlights in my hair, I’m almost positive I will look exactly like Eva Mendes. I’ll try not to stand near her so people won’t be confused by our equally beautiful selves.

blonde highlights

via The Hairstyler

The difference in Nicole Richie’s hair is pretty dramatic in this photo and I almost think I love the red and blonde highlights. Am I a little worried I would resemble Raggedy Ann with red and blonde highlights? I am… just a little bit.

blonde highlights

via faredwordeahibur

I am mad for the highlights and low lights on this model. I think they’re the perfect combination of subtle and HOLY HELL!!! ┬áThat’s a hard line to walk.

blonde highlights

via Haircuts Hairstyles

These big, chunky blonde highights mixed with chunky red highlights is kind of fun, right? Very dramatic.

blonde highlights

Kate Bekinsale would be gorgeous no matter if she shaved her heard and caked on green eyeshadow. She’s one of those natural beauties who can’t do any wrong. Her highlights are subtle and sexy and very “girl next door.”blonde highlights

Want to see more photos of lowlights and highlights? Check out another Momcaster post with lots of hair photos. And hey… come hang out with me on Facebook! You can win stuff!

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