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Cakes My MawMaw Used to Make For Mother’s Day

Wondering when Mother’s Day is this year? Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13, 2012. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about cakes you can make for Mother’s Day!

I grew up in the South and my favorite place to be was in my MawMaw’s kitchen. It was heaven on Earth and what I wouldn’t give for one more Saturday morning helping her bake a cake. This Mother’s Day, I thought I’d search the internet for cooks who are making the delicious cakes my MawMaw used to make.

I figured you might like to make one of these cakes for Mother’s Day – but, only if you want to make the best cake ever!

All my life, my MawMaw made a prune cake that was so good, you can’t even imagine. I thought the recipe was lost forever until I found the cake on The Pioneer Woman.  Even if you hate prunes (as I do), give this cake a chance for Mother’s Day. It’s incredible.

Prune Cake for Mother's Day

via The Pioneer Woman

MawMaw made the best chocolate cake in ten counties, and her secret was mayonnaise. I’m serious! I know that sounds crazy, but mayonnaise makes the cake super moist and you can’t taste even a hint of it. If your Mom wants a chocolate cake for Mother’s Day, this how-to from Restless Chipotle is the one that’ll make it happen.

A chocolate cake for Mother's Day made with mayonnaise

via Restless Chipotle

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a lemon bundt cake, and this tutorial from Carnal Dish isn’t called The Ultimate Lemon Bundt Cake for nothing. I think my MawMaw would put down her Virginia Slims & sweet tea long enough to approve of this wonderful recipe.

Recipe for lemon bundt cake for Mother's Day

via Carnal Dish

The 99 Cent Chef’s blackberry cobbler isn’t exactly a cake, but it made me terribly homesick. I remember MawMaw whipping these up on a moment’s notice in summer time. Of course you don’t have to wait on fresh blackberries, like we did. Just pick up some frozen ones for Mother’s Day.

How to make blackberry cobbler

via The 99 Cent Chef

I remember being in my MawMaw’s kitchen when I was little helping make coconut cake with boiled icing. The icing was just about the stickiest substance on the planet – and surely just about one of the best. This lovely recipe from Andrea Meyers is as close as I can find, and as it turns out, it’s a recipe long enjoyed in her own family. Lots of history behind coconut cake with boiled icing!

Coconut cake with boiled icing for Mother's Day

via Andrea Meyers

Where can I find YOUR favorite cake recipes online? What cake did your Mother or Grandmother bake that brings back wonderful memories? Please pop over to Momcaster on Facebook and tell me.


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