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7 Unique Desserts That’ll Make You Happy In Your General Mouth Area

Today I went looking for unique desserts that would make me pray to Helga, the Goddess of Miserable Diets, to please change the laws of carbs & sugar so that they become an essential part of a balanced diet.

These 7 insanely delicious looking and totally unique desserts were created by people who are such baking  talents, I might like to capture them and force them live in my basement where I would demand new desserts every day.

What? I’d give them water and People Chow and walk them frequently. I’m nice like that.

I don’t know what your criteria is to define a unique dessert, but here’s mine.

For these purposes, a dessert will be declared unique or unusual if it makes me go, “WOW, THAT’S A UNIQUE DESSERT THAT I WANT TO PUT IN MY MOUTH!”  It can be cute, or jaw-dropping, or a new take on an old idea.  It is a dessert that makes me stop in my tracks and marvel at it.

This is science I do here, people. I’m not just making this up as I go.

7 Unique Desserts That’ll Make You Happy In Your General Mouth Area

1. What you are about to behold in this, the first unique dessert on our list, may actually make you weep like a little child. This woman, this brilliant Taryn of Formal Fringe, has combined some of the best things about being human.

Chicken, waffles, syrup, and cupcakes. Behold – the makings of the Chicken & Waffle Cupcake! Pop over to her website to see the finished product and to learn how to make them yourself.

Unique Dessert  chicken & waffle cupcakes

by Formal Fringe

2. Chocolate & caramel dipped apples are what the angels eat on Bunco night. I’m not talking about just dipping a green apple in chocolate and calling it a day. Oh no. I’m talking about crisp apples covered in so much deliciousness, you need a steak knife to eat it. The Yummy Life has THE BEST gourmet caramel apple tutorial in the history of ever. Unique dessert? Oh sweet lord – YES!

Unique Dessert Caramel Apple Recipe Tutorial

by The Yummy Life

3. I don’t know about you, but I feel strongly I don’t have enough neon food in my daily diet. It’s not just the bright, beautiful colors that make this dessert from Hello Brit unique. It’s what the stars are made from. You may be surprised. I was!

(In fairness… I’m surprised every time I check my bank account, so I may not be the best judge of what is surprise-worthy.)

Unique Desserts - neon brightly colored dessert

by Hello Brit

4. Cookies aren’t typically unusual or unique, right? Wrong-o, my friend-o. These beauties are the creation of Baker Bettie, and they are as unique as they come. Why? Because these are Zucchini Jalapeno Cookies with Lime Glaze. They look delicious, don’t they?

Unique desserts -jalapeno cookies

via Baker Bettie

5. The Hungry Texan had pinto beans and wanted to make a pie. So she did. I’m Southern so I happen to think pinto beans make a grand addition to anything, so I’m kind of curious about this. It looks great, doesn’t it? Bonus – this unique dessert has molasses in it. I dig molasses. All the best people do.

Unique Dessert Pinto Bean Pie

by the Hungry Texan

6. You may argue this next unique treat doesn’t really qualify as a dessert, but I’ve run it past the judges and it totally qualifies. (By judges, I mean me.)  These are homemade Pop-Tarts and while I know you think you’ve seen them 88 times before, you haven’t. Not with the MyYearwithChris spin.  These are Sweet Glazed Avocado Pop Tarts! Can you believe it? Now THAT’S unique!

Unique Desserts Sweet Glazed Avocado Homemade Pop Tarts

by Scarletta Bakes

7. The only thing better than an olive  in a martini glass is a cake. These ADORABLE cakes are baked (at a very low heat) right in martini glasses. The Martini Glass Cakes were created by Mommy’s Yummys and the unique how-to recipe is shared on The Party Animal Blog.  I LOVE these!

Unique Desserts - Martini Glass Cake

by Mommy’s Yummys via The Party Animal

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