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Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt Without an Ice Cream Maker

I set out across the internet to find recipes to make homemade frozen yogurt without an ice cream maker because I am a froyo freak. Seriously, y’all. I wave the frozen yogurt freak flag proudly.

When frozen yogurt starts pouring from that wall-mounted machine, I tell myself that even though it’s the most delicious cold substance known to woman-kind, it’s as healthy for me as pureed carrots. (Yes – I lie to myself when it makes me feel better.)

But, I don’t have an ice cream machine to make my own frozen yogurt! BLARGH! I used to have one because I’m Southern and it’s an actual law that every home has at least three. As I grow older though, I like less and less stuff filling up my space, and since I can’t sit on an ice cream machine or watch Game of Thrones on it, it had to go.

Not for nothing, if I WERE to buy an ice cream & frozen yogurt machine again, it would be this sweet Cuisinart froyo maker. It’s less than a hundred smackers and even though I can’t watch TV on the thing, I might actually be able to sit on it. Film at 11.

How to Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Without an Ice Cream Maker…

Finding Joy in My Kitchen whipped up this berry frozen yogurt at home with no ice cream machine and it looks divine. PS: There is no joy in my kitchen, so I’m immediately jealous.

Frozen yogurt made without an ice cream machine

via Finding Joy in My Kitchen

This homemade blackberry froyo recipe from Veggie Belly messed with my head a little bit. I mean, it looks DELICIOUS. Right? But, while the recipe can be made simply without an ice cream maker, it calls for something known as Lychees.

I said to myself, “Collette?” (which is not my legal American name, but what I call myselfme when I’m talking to myself). “Collette? What in the HELL is a Lychee?”

Turns out it’s a fruit in the soapberry family… which does not sound delicious so much as it sounds like a  fun way to rid myself of grime. Wikipedia says it has a “delicate, whitish pulp” with a fragrant flavor. Anywho, you can buy it in cans on Amazon. And bee-tee-dubs, thanks to Veggie Belly not only for the recipe, but for forcing me to learn something today. Hopefully this will be a question on Midwestern Old Lady Celebrity Jeopardy when I’m a contestant.

Blackberry frozen yogurt without an ice cream machine

via Veggie Belly

This next recipe from An Edible Mosaic made me weep just a little from absolute pure joy. As you know, (because we are pretend internet BFFs), Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite ice cream in the history of ice creams. I’m convinced it has less-than-lethal doses of synthetic serotonin in it, and that if I eat enough of it I would be endowed with the ability to fly or be invisible or something.

Faith, at An Edible Mosaic took the idea of Chunky Monkey, meshed it with a little Chubby Hubby, and decided she could make something similar but with less fat and serotonin. Using Greek yogurt and no ice cream machine, she came up with Chunky but Chubless Froyo… and I love her for it.

If I had a unicorn, I would send it to her.

Recipe for making frozen yogurt without an ice cream machine.

via An Edible Mosaic

Rachel at The Traveling Spoon created this luscious frozen yogurt using sugar-free Jell-o! Can you even stand how smart she is?  Never in one million-jiggety years would I look at Jell-0 and yogurt and think about putting the two together. Hell, I still marvel at the genius behind Reece’s.

Easy frozen yogurt you can make at home

The Traveling Spoon

No ice cream maker is NO  PROBLEM when you whip up these frozen yogurt popsicles. When I saw them, I was all, "DER! Why didn't I think of that?!"

But then I remembered that I almost never have an original thought and I cried for about an hour and then decided to make these froyo pops from The Hazel Bloom.  Brilliant!

Homemade frozen yogurt pops

via The Hazel Bloom

Just as Delish is the talented food mind behind this unbelievably delicious looking Cherry Chocolate Frozen Yogurt recipe. She says the trick is to freeze the fruit.

Even I, Queen of the kitchen-fail, can freeze the fruit! Praise be for keeping hope alive!

Homemade cherry chocolate frozen  yogurt recipe

via Just as Delish

The only thing better than froyo you can make without an ice cream maker is INSTANT FROYO! Am I right? Am I right?

The Colourful Palate is a girl after my own heart because she understands when you have a craving, you need to feed it NOW… not four hours from now. Check out her “Instant Frozen Yogurt” made with Greek yogurt, Truvia and chocolate chips.

Instant homemade froyo

via The Colourful Palate

make froyo without an ice cream maker

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