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How to Make Turkey Shaped Desserts That Are Gobbling Cute

Turkey day, aka Thanksgiving, is almost upon us. This year, I’m thinking my grandmonkeys would think I’m awesome if I could figure out how to make some super cute turkey shaped desserts.

Desserts shaped like turkeys. The cuteness quotient is off the map.

How to make gobbling cute turkey shaped desserts!

1. I love the wide-eyed look on these turkey shaped pops. It says, “Holy crap on a cracker, it’s Thanksgiving!”

Fun Turkey Shaped Desserts Roundup on Momcaster

via A.C Moore

2. Wake the kids and phone the neighbors! These are the cutest little turkeys in the history of fake turkeys. You’ve gotta click through to get the how-to because 7th House on the Left has a super cool graphic titled, “The Anatomy of a Little Gobbler.”

How to make turkey shaped desserts that are super cute!

via 7th House on the Left

3. Various and assorted fruits are shaped like a turkey for this cute dessert. “Step 1”, says Mommy Advice Column, is to “Stabilize the melon body…”

Oddly enough, that’s what my ex-husband would repeat aloud to himself before we would… umm… relate.

How to make a fruity turkey!

via Mommy Advice Column

4. Rice Krispies turkeys. Why didn’t I think of that? Also, why didn’t I think of Apple computers? I’d be sitting on Diamond Mountain eating gold-flake macaroni right now instead of on my couch in way-too-freaking-cold Kansas.

How to make Rice Krispy turkeys

via Alpha Mom

5. This is a cake shaped like a turkey. For real. Doesn’t it look like a real turkey? It’s my firm belief this recipe is on the interwebs as a direct result of the National Brotherhood of Turkeys Who Don’t Want Us to Eat Them.

This cake even has white and dark “meat”! C’mon! Craftster poster “Frosted” is a turkey cake genius… and definitely works for the NBTWDWUET.

This "turkey" is a cake! It even has white and dark "meat."

via Frosted

If I were a vegetarian, while everyone else was eating real turkey, I’d scarf these down. What about you? Have you seen other Gobbling Cute Turkey Shaped Desserts???

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