Handprint Flowers: An Interesting Craft

Nostalgic as I may sound, one of my favorite hobbies, especially during the scorching summer holidays was sitting with lots of paint bottles and white papers to make some engrossing handprint crafts. And now, my daughter does the same! So I thought why not make handprint flowers as a keepsake for her to cherish when she grows up.

{5} Vintage Valentine Images (Free & Darling!)

Y’all, Christmas was just ten minutes ago and now we’re staring down the barrel of crazy Hallmark love and chocolates! I found these vintage images, that while not specifically all about “be my Valentine” and whatnot, are still entirely adorable. I think they’re great for your Valentine creations. I sort of love them. These vintage Valentine images have no known copyright restrictions. (All the images I create on Momcaster are made with PicMonkey photo editor: this is your photo on awesome {Read More}

14 Alphabet Letter Crafts You Can Make

Every time I go into Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, I see those letters of the alphabet that are made of cardboard (and also chipboard and paper mache) and I always wonder, “What kind of craft could I make with those alphabet letters?” Sadly, God forgot to put that girl chip in my brain that lets me look at things and come up with awesome ideas for crafting. That’s why I absolutely fall in love with bloggers who come up with craft ideas {Read More}

Decorate Pumpkins Like a Mad Cool Pumpkin Decorator

Fact: I have never tried to decorate pumpkins – never. I’ve butchered them in the name of Halloween, but that hardly qualifies as decorating.  If you’ve seen me do that wine cork craft magic that I do, you know I am a talentless woman who should never be allowed in Hobby Lobby. Not even if I was being chased by Martha Stewart with a bloody (Mod-Podged) ax and the only thing that would save me were 50% off baskets made by tiny {Read More}

Fall Garland Ideas – How to Make Your Own

Call in sick to work today because it’s time for FALL GARLAND IDEAS! Okay. So maybe I’m jumping the gun a little as it’s roughly the same temperature outside here in Kansas as it is in the south quadrant of Hell. Roughly. But, c’mon! You know you want some fall garland ideas so you’re ready for the single best time of the entire year. Unless you live in the south quadrant of Hell. They don’t see a lot of autumn {Read More}

Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Autumn

There are so many fabulous Pinterest boards to follow, and with autumn approaching I decided to share with you 5 of my new favorite Pinterest Boards for Autumn. I’m sure there are HUNDREDS of awesome Autumn Boards on Pinterest, so be sure to share with me if you have one you suggest I follow. Lord help me, how I love Pinterest! 

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

As I write, we’re nowhere near Christmas. But, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you can cut costs for the holidays, while still showing people that you love them harder than a goat butts a stump. I think these homemade Christmas gift ideas are just the thing – plus, if you start making them now, come December you’ll be the fancy lady everyone hates because you’re handing out gorgeous homemade gifts while looking totally not stressed out and crazy. {Read More}

Washi Tape Crafts x 10

Washi Tape is apparently the hottest thing since those wacky Smucker’s brothers got drunk and decided to put peanut butter in the jelly jar.  That can only mean one thing:  glue gun savants all across the universe are coming up with Washi Tape crafts at the rate of four per millisecond. I’m not making that up. I never lie about milliseconds. 

39 Gorgeous Garden Crafts

It’s finally warm outside and that means gardens and garden crafts! Every time I see a pretty garden full of lovelies, I swoon a little. It’s jealousy really as I’ve never had a beautiful garden space full of crafts that I could be proud of. A garden full of dead and dying flowers & vines? Oh sure. I’m sort of the Queen of that whole situation. Here are 39 truly gorgeous garden crafts that you should make for your pretty {Read More}

7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts

[schema type=”product” url=”http://www.MasonJarCraftsBlog.com” name=”Mason Jar Crafts” description=”Mason Jar crafts are HOT right now, and probably will be for some time. These 7 Mason Jar crafts are gorgeous and easy to make! You’re gonna love ’em.” ] I really don’t know why I love Mason Jars so blessed much, but I surely do. There is something so clean and homey about them and I guess they remind me of my life growing up in the South. In fact, I love Mason Jar {Read More}