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Handprint Flowers: An Interesting Craft

Nostalgic as I may sound, one of my favorite hobbies, especially during the scorching summer holidays was sitting with lots of paint bottles and white papers to make some engrossing handprint crafts. And now, my daughter does the same! So I thought why not make handprint flowers as a keepsake for her to cherish when she grows up.

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{5} Vintage Valentine Images (Free & Darling!)

Y’all, Christmas was just ten minutes ago and now we’re staring down the barrel of crazy Hallmark love and chocolates! I found these vintage images, that while not specifically all about “be my Valentine” and whatnot, are still entirely adorable. I think they’re great for your Valentine creations.

I sort of love them.

These vintage Valentine images have no known copyright restrictions.

Free vintage Valentine images at

(All the images I create on Momcaster are made with PicMonkey photo editor: this is your photo on awesome juice)

Free vintage images perfect for Valentine's Day via #ValentineDownload this vintage image here.

If you’re kiddos are all about The Nut Job movie, perhaps there’s something you can do with this vintage Valentine image. “I’m a squirrel and NUTS to you!”

Vintage #Nuts Valentine to download. Get the link at #TheNutJob

Download this vintage image here.

The Hearts Desire II was rocking this vintage pin-up girl. Wonder if she brought her flyboys home safe?

Free vintage images perfect for Valentine's Day. Get the links at

Download this vintage image here.

When did we as a country decide that we no longer wanted to smell like a cashmere bouquet? Was it when we realized this kind of soap made us all smell like we’d just come out of an old lady’s closet?

Free vintage images you can use for Valentine's Day at

Download this image here.

This sweet vintage Valentine images makes me want to slap a bow & arrow in my daughter’s hands and make her sit on a pedestal. She’s twenty-nine, but she’s short. I think I can overpower her.

Free #Vintage #Valentine images at

Download this image here.

So what about these images? Do you love them? Share ’em!

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14 Alphabet Letter Crafts You Can Make

Every time I go into Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, I see those letters of the alphabet that are made of cardboard (and also chipboard and paper mache) and I always wonder, “What kind of craft could I make with those alphabet letters?”

Sadly, God forgot to put that girl chip in my brain that lets me look at things and come up with awesome ideas for crafting. That’s why I absolutely fall in love with bloggers who come up with craft ideas for me, and who are generous enough to post their tutorials.

I’ve found 14 of the cutest crafts you can make using those boring letters of the alphabet at the craft stores, and I think you’re going to love them, too. Be sure to visit these blogs for the how-to!

Alphabet Letter Crafts


1. Buttercups & Blue Scrubs created this sweet bookend. I would never have thought about using craft letters to make bookends. I don’t even own bookends! Does that make me a bad person.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Buttercups & Bookends

2. Using chipboard alphabet craft letters, HGTV put together this darling MOM banner. Perfect for Mother’s Day! (But, then again I’m kind of a fan of HGTV because I was on one of their shows in 2011.)

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via HGTV

3. How could you look at these alphabet craft letters all dressed up and framed and not love them? Right? From Watch Out for the Woestmans, this tutorial is very crafty – and crazy clever.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Watch Out for the Woestmans

4. Letters from Coco came up with a darling way to decorate her kitchen using alphabet craft letters and prints she picked up from Etsy. Isn’t she talented? Why can’t I have a craft-soaked brain? Maybe if I took more vitamins.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Letters From Coco

5. Scrappy Chick 101 writes that she decorated these craft letters with scrapbook paper and embellishments. She makes it look (and sound) so easy! This is one talented lady. Be warned that when you go to her blog you’ll be ten kinds of jealous. I know I was.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Scrappy Chick 101

6.  Casa Cullen made this framed monogram art for a little boy’s room. I like it a lot. Before you go to her blog, get yourself prepared…her baby is bordering on too cute to legally be featured on the internet. Seriously.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Casa Cullen

7. Never would I have thought to use alphabet craft letters the way A Little Moore did. I am mad for this idea at Christmas, and also trying to think of other ways I could use the same idea.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via A Little Moore

8. Sew Grown is SEW talented. I adore the way she uses all different shapes & styles of craft letters, and she made them absolutely cool enough to use in a boy’s room.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Sew Grown

9. Oh. My. Gosh. Look at these topiaries using chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby! Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss is just too awesome. Can’t you see these at a wedding reception?

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

10. A $1 frame plus alphabet craft letters from Hobby Lobby, and look at the adorable wall art created by TwoGirlzStuff. This is so awesome.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
viw Two Girlz Stuff

11. I have never seen such a cute Christmas tree topper in my life. The Fabulous Baby Striblings created this cuteness from an alphabet craft letter and a clothespin. Her tutorial is so easy, even I can do this! Love it!

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via The Fabulous Baby Striblings

12. These yarn wrapped craft letters from Bump Smitten are just delicious. Wonderful tutorial and beautiful photography.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Bump Smitten


13. Check out what the Mardi Gras Outlet did with Mardi Gras beads and a cardboard letter! I can imagine these in all sorts of colors.

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Mardi Gras Outlet


14. Little Inspirations says this craft letter is created quite simply with Elmer’s Glue and paint. Isn’t it elegant? It’s almost impossible to believe it started out so humbly. It’s beautiful!

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters featured on
via Little Inspirations

Okay – so this next one is blatant self-promotion and so I didn’t count it. 🙂 I LOVE to grab these chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby and pretty ’em up. I sell them (and lots of other stuff) in my Etsy shop. (I do custom orders – hint, hint.)

PS: I’d love you harder than a goat butts a stump if you’d Pin this post! 🙂

Oodles of super cute crafts made from those Hobby Lobby letters via

Ooooo! Don’t miss this other post I did about how to use wine corks and a craft letter to create something ridiculously awesome.

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Decorate Pumpkins Like a Mad Cool Pumpkin Decorator

Fact: I have never tried to decorate pumpkins – never. I’ve butchered them in the name of Halloween, but that hardly qualifies as decorating.  If you’ve seen me do that wine cork craft magic that I do, you know I am a talentless woman who should never be allowed in Hobby Lobby. Not even if I was being chased by Martha Stewart with a bloody (Mod-Podged) ax and the only thing that would save me were 50% off baskets made by tiny sweat shop children in third world countries.

And yet, I see crafty people online doing crafty things and I become convinced I too can take napkins, stick them on a pumpkin and be the envy of all my pumpkin decorating friends…

decorate pumpkins

Just like Debbie Saenz of A Creative Life. I can’t say for sure what was going on in Debbie’s head when she created this beauty, but I can say what I like to think was going on.

“Dang. I’ve got myself some pretty napkins, a bucket of Mod-Podge and a big ass pumpkin. I think I’ll put on some Wu Tang Clan and whip up some autumn awesomeness which will delight the people of the interwebs for years to come.”  And so she did.

decorate a pumpkin with Mod Podge
via A Creative Life

Alexa at The Swell Life is a pumpkin decorating maniac. She has some of the coolest pumpkins in the history of pumpkin-dom on her website. This particular pumpkin is all about words that describe what you’re thankful for, which is a really nice thing for a gourd to do.

My pumpkin will say things like, “false eye lashes,” “real butter,” and “the fact that there is no law that says you actually have to ever break a sweat in sweatpants.”

decorate a pumpkin with words and paint
via The Swell Life

Never once in my life have I been sitting around staring at a giant container of thumb tacks and had the desire to shove them into a pumpkin. Note I did not say I have never once been sitting around staring at a giant container of thumb tacks and had the desire to shove them into an ex-husband. That would be a lie.

I found this photo and the source wasn’t credited. Dammit, man! Now I am forced to use this photo without a credit which means somewhere, some brilliant thumb tack pumpkin artist is living a quiet life in complete obscurity all thanks to the internet. If the person who created this is your neighbor or your swimming teacher or your conjoined twin, please have them contact me.

Because seriously y’all – how much awesome sauce is this?

decorate pumpkin with thumb tacks
via Unknown Thumb Tack Pumpkin Artist

Who knew silver paint and some decals could turn something that grew in the dirty dirt into something so stinking fancy? Manuela at A Cultivated Nest, that’s who.

These are so pretty, aren’t they? I want to rush out right now, buy a case of silver spray paint and go to work on everything I find in the dirt out in my back yard.

Well, everything but the prezzies my neighbor’s cat leaves me. No crown decal in the world is gonna land that on my entry way table.

Decorated pumpkins with silver paint and rub on decals
via A Cultivated Nest

I love Sharpies. I love them a lot. If a man I was dating ever brought me a bouquet of Sharpies, I would marry him.

But then again, I once married a man because he brought me plastic flowers that had a very distinct just-plucked-from-the-cemetery smell, so maybe my matrimonial standards aren’t quite as high as they should be.

Meanwhile lookie what I found at My Rainbow Elephant. It’s got pumpkins. It’s got Sharpies. It’s got doodling. If there is any craft in the wide world for which I might possibly have enough talent, it’s this one. Let’s all bow our heads and pray to Michael’s that my Sharpie pumpkins don’t come out looking like I drew on them after I took a pill I found on the bathroom floor in the men’s room of Taco Bell.

Pumpkins decorated with Sharpies
via My Rainbow Elephant

Don’t you love these awesome decorated pumpkins? Don’t you want to throw your laptop right onto the ground this instant and run to the pumpkin store and buy up all they have?

Do you have a fave pumpkin craft? Show it to me, sister!

Big love,

Sadie Mae


Crafty Crafts

Fall Garland Ideas – How to Make Your Own

Call in sick to work today because it’s time for FALL GARLAND IDEAS! Okay. So maybe I’m jumping the gun a little as it’s roughly the same temperature outside here in Kansas as it is in the south quadrant of Hell. Roughly. But, c’mon! You know you want some fall garland ideas so you’re ready for the single best time of the entire year.

Unless you live in the south quadrant of Hell. They don’t see a lot of autumn there.

Fall Garland Ideas!

fall garland ideas


Craft Interrupted – Isn’t this yarn pom-pom garland just as sweet as it can be? It looks so easy, maybe even I could do it!

Pretty Handy Girl – A fall garland made out of book pages! I love it! (I’m a freak for crafts involving book pages.)

Hoosier Homemade – Liz uses everything from acorns to potpourri to make this lovely fall garland.

A Rural Journal – Very rustic & minimalistic this is a take on the fall garland for those of you who aren’t into having a lot going on in your interior design.

Roots & Wings Co – This fall garland features pumpkins and a little glitter and involves a sewing machine – so that let’s me out! 🙂

Crafting on a Budget & Dollar Store Mom – Not only is this fall garland pretty, it’s super inexpensive to make. Wait ’til you see how much!

Peace Love Bird – She says you only need three things to make this sweet prim fall garland.

Fall cannot get here soon enough for me. I’m already turning the air conditioning to “freeze your nipples off” and forcing everyone who comes into my home to wear sweaters and ask for hot chocolate. Do you love fall, too?

Meanwhile, if you’re a craft lover, I’m inviting you to follow Crafts & Craft Ideas on Facebook list. It currently features around 60 craft blogs & websites and makes it so easy to see what’s new from all your favorite craft blogs in one click. It’s super-duper simple, and I add new craft blogs frequently. Just go to Crafts & Craft Ideas on Facebook and buh-bam! You’re all set to easily see (in one place on Facebook) what all the best craft bloggers have posted that day. Awesome, right?




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Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Autumn

There are so many fabulous Pinterest boards to follow, and with autumn approaching I decided to share with you 5 of my new favorite Pinterest Boards for Autumn.

I’m sure there are HUNDREDS of awesome Autumn Boards on Pinterest, so be sure to share with me if you have one you suggest I follow. Lord help me, how I love Pinterest! 

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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

As I write, we’re nowhere near Christmas. But, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you can cut costs for the holidays, while still showing people that you love them harder than a goat butts a stump. I think these homemade Christmas gift ideas are just the thing – plus, if you start making them now, come December you’ll be the fancy lady everyone hates because you’re handing out gorgeous homemade gifts while looking totally not stressed out and crazy.

And after all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? 🙂

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Washi Tape Crafts x 10

Washi Tape is apparently the hottest thing since those wacky Smucker’s brothers got drunk and decided to put peanut butter in the jelly jar.  That can only mean one thing:  glue gun savants all across the universe are coming up with Washi Tape crafts at the rate of four per millisecond.

I’m not making that up. I never lie about milliseconds. 

Crafty Crafts

39 Gorgeous Garden Crafts

It’s finally warm outside and that means gardens and garden crafts! Every time I see a pretty garden full of lovelies, I swoon a little. It’s jealousy really as I’ve never had a beautiful garden space full of crafts that I could be proud of.

A garden full of dead and dying flowers & vines? Oh sure. I’m sort of the Queen of that whole situation.

Here are 39 truly gorgeous garden crafts that you should make for your pretty outdoor oasis. Send me a picture!


Garden Crafts


Garden Crafts


  1. Terra Cotta Pot People – Artistic Garden
  2. How to make a Flower Tower – Alternative Energy Gardening
  3. Bird Bath Path – Slomedown
  4. Terra Cotta Windchimes – HGTV 
  5. Leaf Stepping Stones – Herbs in the Garden
  6. Broken Crock Plant Markers – Hardly Housewives 
  7. Dove Windchimes – Danielle’s Place
  8. Teacup Bird Feeders – Cap Creations
  9. Garden Treasure Jars – Empress of Dirt
  10. Fork & Cork Plant Markers – Artsy VaVa
  11. Living Monogram Wreath – BHG
  12. Bicycle Fence – Those Artsy Bowman Girls
  13. Moss Graffiti – I Waste So Much Time
  14. Make a Garden Cupola – Forever Decorating
  15. Garden Shelf – Spittin Toad
  16. Palette Path – My Garden Diaries
  17. Potting Benches – Funky Junk Interiors
  18. Garden Pot Chair – Valley Gardening
  19. Butterfly Garden Crafts – eHow
  20. Beaded Frost Luminaries – Crafts by Amanda
  21. Shabby Garden Shed – Shabby Story
  22. Contemporary Garden Gazing Ball – HGTV
  23. How to Make a Garden Chandelier – Empress of Dirt
  24. Picnic Table from Old Door – Momcaster
  25. How to Make a Fairy Garden – The Magic Onions
  26. How to Build a Waterfall in Your Garden – Suite 101
  27. How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace – DIY Network
  28. Glowing Flowerpots – Engadget
  29. Birdcages to Decorate Patio Wall – Decorologist
  30. Garden Totem – Momcaster
  31. Footprints for Grandma’s Garden – My Crazy Blessed Life
  32. Dancing Garden Jewels – Gardner’s Supply
  33. Birdbath Enchanted Fairy Garden – Enchanted Gardens
  34. How to Build a Garden Archway – The Family Handyman
  35. Old Gas Can Bird House – Teresa Yates
  36. Patio Light Covers from Soda Bottles – Family Crafts
  37. How to Build a Planted Path – The Family Handyman
  38. Marble Gazing Ball – Veritas India
  39. Bottle Trees – Squidoo
Crafty Crafts

7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Mason Jar Crafts” description=”Mason Jar crafts are HOT right now, and probably will be for some time. These 7 Mason Jar crafts are gorgeous and easy to make! You’re gonna love ’em.” ]
I really don’t know why I love Mason Jars so blessed much, but I surely do. There is something so clean and homey about them and I guess they remind me of my life growing up in the South. In fact, I love Mason Jar crafts so much, I created a website where I can organize all the best ones I find online. It’s called…

Mason Jar Crafts Blog! Are you shocked at the originality of the name?  I add new Mason Jar ideas, crafts, recipes, and general jar goodness there every time I find something delicious online – which is OFTEN. (I have a little Mason Jar monkey on my back. I can admit this thing.) Come join me over there when you’re done here!

mason jar crafts

7 Easy Mason Jar Crafts…


1. These Mason Jars are dotted with glow-in-the-dark paint. I think they’re so crazy adorable. I actually made some of these glow-in-the-dark jars a couple months ago. There really is nothing to it.

You just dot the jars with glow-in-the-dark paint, let them soak up the light during the day and at night… shock & awe, Baby! I keep mine in my bathroom to store things like cotton balls, and then at night…they’re kind of like a little nightlight.

I did have a heck of a time finding glow-in-the-dark-paint, though. After going to Hobby Lobby and Walmart and Home Depot, I wound up ordering mine from Amazon. Hint: if you dot the jar with several different colors of paint, it looks even cooler.

glow in the dark jars
via Bucikah

2. Look at these pendant lights from Secret Pocket Blog.  It looks entirely doable. (In other news, that line is the entire reason I said yes when my first husband popped the question.)

How to make pendant lights from Mason Jars
via Secret Pocket Blog

3. Who in the world would ever think of displaying photos inside a Mason Jar AND suspended in oil?

Who wakes up one day and says, “You know what, Mildred? I’m going to drop a whole bunch of our family photos inside some oil in a jar today and see what that’s about”?

I just adore people who have these kinds of creative minds. You can get the instructions on Funky Bear Decor.

How to display photos in Mason Jars
via Funky Bear Decor

4. Mason Jar soap and lotion dispensers are really easy to make. Country Living is happy to tell you how. It involves a drill bit. That lets me out. I haven’t been allowed to operate power tools since…ever.

Turn a Mason Jar into a soap dispenser
via Country Living

5. The Inspired Room came up with something so simple, but so lovely. Check out this “Key to Your Heart” Mason Jar.  Why can’t I think of stuff like this on my own, y’all? I fear I was born deficient in whatever essential mineral that is in the DNA of all crafty chicks.

Valentine's Day Mason Jar gift
via The Inspired Room

6. I have Christmas lights and I have Mason Jars. What is preventing me from shoving one inside the other like Lea Klausen? I’ll tell you what…

The moment I start cramming Christmas lights into jars, my partner-man is gonna be all, “Why are you doing this thing?” And I’ll be all, “You don’t understand my creative spirit!” And he’ll be all, “You’re off your hormones again aren’t you?” And then I’ll smack him in the kidney and it’ll be a whole thing.

mason jars with Christmas lights
via Lea Klausen

7. I do not have a garden, nor do I have the talent to create these lovely, lovely, uber-cool garden lights. The Country Barrel does though.

These are so pretty, and at only twenty-six smackeroos for the hangers, they make me want to pack it all up and move to a house with a garden… where I would promptly murder every living thing because I have a black thumb.  Maybe I’d better just stay put and admire these from afar.

hanging mason jar garden lights
via The Country Barrel

Since you’re a Mason Jar Crafts fan, (all the best people are), don’t forget to come hang out with me at…

mason jar crafts blog
Click to see MORE Mason Jar crafts!